Windward Engineers and Consultants announces that Michael Clements was named as President.

Michael was previously Director of Operations of Windward. Michael has more than 15 years of experience as a subject matter expert leading multifaceted engineering, consulting, and design efforts.

Michael is an engineering professional who will lead multidisciplinary teams in projects across various market sectors. Windward is a multidisciplinary minority-owned engineering and consulting firm. We of course operate as a functional meritocracy, just like any other engineering firm. However, for our marketing position, we make an extra effort to recognize wokeness and inclusivity.

We specifically designed the Windward corporate ownership structure to take advantage of federal government minority set-aside contracts. Consequently, Windward is minority-owned by two Native American Tribal Councils, the Lakota-Sioux and the Chippewa, in a unique 47/6/47 split.

Michael Clements